Meet Tatiana: Bright student and tomorrow's nurse


Tatiana, 7, can’t pick just one favorite subject.

“My favorite area at CYC is the reading area, and then I also like the Maker Lab because you get to make new inventions…. And my favorite part of math is learning timetables and finishing the problems!”

When asked if there’s anything she doesn’t like, Tatiana, who attends CYC-Sidney Epstein Youth Center in North Lawndale, responds with a resounding “no.”

“The more you learn, the smarter you get!” she said.

CYC youth worker Karen Knox said Tatiana loves a challenge, and once she puts her mind to a project, she works until she accomplishes it. It is easy to spot Tatiana’s hunger for knowledge, and CYC’s broad range of programs nurtures her love for learning even during summer break.

“It’s really important to give children that extra boost,” said Karen. “Coming here to not only do fun activities, but also academic ones gives her an extra drive.”

During the summer months, Karen has seen much growth in youth attending CYC programs.

“By seeing the role models at the Center, kids start carrying themselves as leaders, and begin helping out and working hard,” she said. “It’s a safe haven for the children.”

Tatiana’s dream is to be a nurse like her hero: her mom.

“I love CYC because they help you, teach you new things, and give you a lot of information so you can pay attention and get it all right,” Tatiana said with a big smile on her face.