Meet Lorenzo: Caring gardener and future police officer


Kindness is extremely important to Lorenzo.

The 9-year-old wants to be a police officer someday to protect people in his neighborhood.

But he is already working to better his community. One of Lorenzo’s favorite clubs at CYC-Fellowship House in Bridgeport is gardening. Just last week, Lorenzo was planting flowers in pots to beautify the neighborhood.

“It’s important to plant seeds so we can have more food to live, and so we can plant trees to help us breathe,” he said.

Lorenzo cares deeply about the people around him and always steps up to help where it is needed, said Dushunda Henderson, Center Director at CYC-Fellowship House. 

“We respect people by being kind to them and by helping them,” Lorenzo said.

It is clear where Lorenzo’s strong affection for his neighborhood comes from. Both of Lorenzo’s parents attended CYC-Fellowship House as children, and are active on the Center’s Local Board today.

That sense of community only blooms at the Center. CYC-Fellowship House youth actively participates in community service projects.

“The Center provides an important outlet for children like Lorenzo to not only help their community, but the world,” Dushunda said. “Our summer programs give kids a safe place to explore their interests.”

This summer, Lorenzo looks forward to making art, playing sports, swimming, and going on field trips.

"I have a lot of fun at CYC," he said.