Throughout the year, we offer a variety of workshops, mentoring opportunities, and one-on-one meetings with parents to ensure that their children are receiving what they need to meet cognitive and behavioral milestones. We encourage parents to volunteer at our Centers to witness our work first-hand, build stronger bonds with their children, and develop a supportive network with other parents.

We teach families how to develop their parenting skills, including how to:

  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Balance love and discipline
  • Provide choices with boundaries
  • Foster ongoing and cooperative communication
  • Enhance their children's self-esteem

We work with parents so they can better support their children’s academic progress. We emphasize the importance of completing homework, attending class regularly, and seeking out mentors—such as the teachers and youth workers at CYC—for guidance.  We teach parents:

  • The importance of school choice
  • The necessary steps to apply to select schools
  • How to prepare for Chicago's high school selection process
  • The FAQs about financial aid and how to acquire scholarships for college

We also offer recommendations to social service agencies and health providers as needed, so families are able to receive what they need to keep their children healthy and ready to persist in school.