Chicago Youth Centers (CYC) believes our kids deserve a safe and level playing field, so we work hard to deliver the best resources to our children, teens and their families. Our Education Support Initiative serves K-12 students who are Department of Children and Family Services wards of the state living in Grand Boulevard and South Shore. This program combines intensive outreach to teen wards and their caregivers with programming at CYC-Rebecca K. Crown Youth Center and CYC-Elliott Donnelley Youth Center.

The outreach component is designed to stabilize placements by providing support to foster parents, mentoring to youth, crisis counseling and referrals to needed resources and services. A family-centered approach ensures that youth and foster parents receive the support necessary for a stable home life. The CYC programming framework incorporates the building of developmental assets (life skills education, parent involvement, service learning, etc.) and focuses on improving academic performance.