Meet Cameron: Determined inventor and avid learner


When Cameron talks about the Maker Lab at CYC-Elliott Donnelley Youth Center in Bronzeville, his eyes immediately light up.

“I would guarantee that no kid would ever say that they are bored at CYC because there is so much to do,” said Cameron.

CYC STEM Manager Steven Willis said that the 14-year-old is mostly drawn to activities that require planning, research, and analytics.

Last summer, Cameron joined the Fashion Design club because it sounded interesting and gave him a chance to expand out of his comfort zone.

Because the club required team work, it helped Cameron come out of his shell.

“He really flourished in terms of getting along with his peers,” Steven said. “I think it’s the fact that he realized there were other teens who had the same interest as him. That’s one of the real beauties of our program here: there is so much diversity with the students in terms of their skillsets and their abilities.”

Cameron said over the nine years he has been coming to CYC, the best skills he has picked up are time management, self-control, courage, and independence.

“CYC is a place where people want to be,” said Cameron, who is the youngest of four siblings who have attended the Center. “It’s a place to relax and learn at the same time. It’s like a family.”