Meet India: Ambitious musician and future doctor


It is 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and 11-year-old India is focused intently on her viola.

It is a little tough, but she needs to pluck the strings on her instrument in the correct order before she can even whip out her bow.

After the second or third attempt, she gives a triumphant grin as she masters the notes.

For the past three years, India has been learning the violin and viola through music programs offered at CYC-Rebecca K. Crown Youth Center in South Shore. Her strong passion for music translates perfectly to her love of the dance club, which she will participate in during the summer.

“It makes me feel like I can do anything, and I can believe in myself,” India said.

India, who has been attending CYC for four years, said she has a lot of fun with all the different activities that are offered at the Center—especially during the summer months.

“It’s important to keep her engaged through the summer because she’s very intelligent,” said Kiana Lewis, CYC Out-of-School Time youth worker. “To provide support year-round, helps kids feel supported.”

When India grows up, she wants to be a doctor to “help homeless people and destroy diseases.”

She plans to implement her music education in a very special way: “If my patients need music, I’ll play it for them,” she said with a soft smile.