Philanthropy - It’s All in the Family

Al-Reid-Group-Shot-1 For four years, CYC Corporate Board member, Al Reid, Divisional Vice President, Corporate Development, Abbott, and his two children, Ariel and Christopher have been providing laptops to CYC members through a program that they started called Laptops for Learning. Through this program, 15 CYC kids, from middle school through college freshman, have received a new laptop to help support their academic progress.

In an interview with Al Reid, he shared the following words about the program, his children’s involvement and the inspiration for their generosity:

What inspired you to provide this support?

“I was inspired to provide this support from my children's high school community outreach program. Since technology plays an increasingly important role in the learning process and is associated with productivity improvements, the Laptops for Learning program was formed. Laptops for Learning seeks to eliminate the digital divide between communities and students that do and those which do not have access to computers.”

What impact has this support had on the laptop recipients?

“The Laptops for Learning program has greatly benefited children who previously did not have access to computers to complete homework assignments or to do basic research on the internet. The recipients have all reported a sharp improvement in their academic performance as a result of having laptops in their home. Previously many of these students did not have access to computers once they left their schools and were not able to venture to public libraries due to safety concerns.”

Your children are involved with the program. What do you hope to teach them through this experience?

“My children, Ariel and Christopher, both college students (Stanford and Vanderbilt) have been touched by the way the laptops have made a difference in the lives of young students. They believe the Laptops for Learning program will allow students to exploit the opportunities from the expanding use of technology.”

CYC thanks Al, Ariel and Christopher for their ingenuity and generosity!