Introducing New CYC Board Member: Katie Swick

CYC's Board of Directors grew to include four new members this spring. We are excited to introduce Matty de Castro, Laurie LawtonKatie Swick, and Tom Vander Veen. They have already brought new ideas and passion to the Board room, and we are incredibly excited to welcome them to the CYC community. We will be profiling new members throughout the year. First up: Katie Swick

Global Learning Operations Lead Google, Inc.

Why is "giving back" important to you?

I believe that every child should have access to a quality education and the opportunities to become successful. I feel extremely privileged in my own life, and feel called to give back to communities, and especially to children who haven't had the same opportunities.

What about CYC's work makes you the most excited to be part of the organization?

I was immediately impressed with CYC's focus on providing children in underserved communities with the tools and educational opportunities they need to be successful. I also was struck by CYC's commitment to both its legacy and its future. It’s rare to find non-profits that can balance both the old and the new. For example, CYC's vision and mission--to help children discover their full potential and build a path out of poverty and violence--has endured for 60 years, yet the Board is very forward-thinking. They knew even before the Illinois budget impasse that our organization could not rely on public funds, so they made the effort to diversify funding. Another example is that the Board is made up of tenured members who have served the organization for more than 25 years, as well as new members and millennials who are interested in the ways technology can help CYC reach its goals. I’m excited to be a part of such a diverse and committed team.

Stay tuned for more new Board member interviews.