The power of parenting

CYC parents got the red carpet treatment at CYC’s first parent recognition ceremony, the Power of Parenting, held at CYC-Elliott Donnelley Youth Center at the end of May.

Constance, a CYC parent, received recognition at the event.

Constance, a CYC parent, received recognition at the event.

Anjel Williams, the Administrative Assistant at the Center, said the event was for parents at all CYC Centers who have attended CYC’s scheduled parent outings and have completed eight Changing Children’s Worlds workshops.

From each blended site, parents were chosen to represent the following categories: “Care for Real,” “Push Forward,” “Attitude Matters,” “Own It,” and “Rookie of the Year.”

Curtis Peace, the Executive Director of the Illinois Afterschool Network, gave a talk to parents about the power parenting has on children’s development. After he spoke, parents took turns talking about what makes them good parents and lifting each other up.

“I’m the best parent because I didn’t give up,” said one parent.

Another said, “I’m the best parent because I speak up for my child.”

Anjel said the parents were very excited, and nearly all parents showed up for the event.

“Events like these make parents want to volunteer more, and gives parents reasons to be more involved,” she said.

Constance, a CYC parent, agreed.

“I felt that the parent recognition ceremony was a great way to recognize parents,” Constance said. “I was happy to be appreciated for what I was doing. This type of recognition pushes me to continue to support and show up.”