Thank you, ArcelorMittal

Thank you to ArcelorMittal for its support of CYC’s Maker Lab and STEM program at CYC-Rebecca K. Crown Youth Center in South Shore.

Thanks to the support of ArcelorMittal, CYC-Crown started its first robotics club, who participated in the Illinois Regional FIRST Tech Challenge. FIRST is a national organization that encourages student participation in STEM through robotics competitions. Youth used machines in the Maker Lab to create Printed Circuit Boards and build robots. In the regional FIRST Tech Challenges, teams of ten youth are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to play a floor game. The season of seven competitions ran from November to February, and CYC youth were competitive against more affluent students from the Chicagoland suburbs. CYC’s team placed 26 out of 39 teams, an impressive accomplishment considering this was our youth’s first time working with robotics. More importantly, these youth developed STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while also learning to solve problems, collaborate, innovate, and lead others. Their confidence in STEM fields and in their own abilities grew as a result of this program.

We are proud to report the outcomes from our STEM programs at CYC-Crown in program year 2016-2017:

  • 83% youth ages 6-13 demonstrate increased knowledge of STEM subjects
  • 73% youth ages 6-13  demonstrated increased engagement with STEM
  • 78% 6-13 will demonstrated increased positive attitudes about STEM fields and STEM career paths
  • 86% of youth ages 6-13 demonstrated increased critical thinking skills
  • 78% of youth ages 6-13 demonstrated increased creativity skills
  • 84% youth ages 6-13 demonstrated increased collaboration
  • 81% youth ages 6-13 demonstrated increased communication skills

Additionally, 100% of students in the program increased or maintained their grades in CPS core subjects (including math and science). 46% of these students increased their grades, and the remaining 54% stayed the same.

We are so proud of our youth and their achievements in STEM! Thank you, ArcelorMittal, for supporting the next generation of architects, engineers, and innovators!