At Chicago Youth Centers (CYC), we educate and support children and families so they can succeed in the 21st century. We equalize access to the tools, experiences, and resources needed for youth ages 3-18 to persist academically and develop socially and emotionally. 

We engage children early and provide services when they are most vulnerable: after school and during the summer.

We offer family engagement programs to help families guide their children during critical transitions: entering kindergarten, starting high school, and preparing for college or a career. 

We build strong partnerships within communities to create a village of committed community leaders, schools, volunteers, and peer organizations dedicated to our children's success. 

We understand the challenges our families face. To set them on a path toward upward mobility, we deliver programs that:
•    Expand youth’s abilities to think critically, create, communicate, and collaborate
•    Provide academic supports
•    Expose youth to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) fields
•    Prepare children and teens for college and careers
•    Focus on healthy living and violence prevention


This work fulfills our mission: 
CYC invests in youth in underserved communities to help them discover and realize their full potential.

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And helps us realize our vision:  
We create a viable pathway to upward mobility for children living in poverty.

We have been engaged in this work for 60 years.

CYC has a clear strategic plan to more deeply impact the children and families we serve. As part of this plan, in 2013, we increased the number of CYC staff, created more opportunities for experiential learning, and designed activities to encourage more social, emotional, and physical development.