Keeping children safe is our top priority. While we provide a safe haven for children, we also teach youth and their families to effectively navigate the trauma and challenges they face, so they can break the generational cycles of poverty and violence. Our youth workers have completed trauma training and our Centers partner with area health providers if a referral is needed.

Violence prevention is intentionally woven throughout our programs. While children are learning about STEAM and the Four C’s, they also work on projects that confront issues in their neighborhoods, including gun violence, peer pressure, and gang activity. Some examples of projects our children and teens engage in include:


Exploring peace and non-violence through visual art, spoken word, dance, and music


Using the CYC Maker Lab to create T-shirts, signs, keychains, and animated videos that promote peace

sandwich competition.jpg

Partnering with community leaders and police officers to build relationships and promote peace


Hosting non-violence and anti-bullying rallies and marches

Violence prevention also is a key component within our family engagement program. We use a curriculum modeled after B-Proud, an innovative program created by Northwestern faculty member Dr. Jalani. This curriculum teaches families to cultivate anti-violence within their children, homes, and communities.

We are particularly proud to partner with the Bright Promises Foundation, Get IN Chicago, and others who support our family engagement and violence prevention programs.