Research shows that children and teens who attend 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) programs regularly are more likely to improve their grades, test scores and overall academic behavior. CYC understands the impact of these programs on creating positive outcomes and provides 21st CCLC programming at four schoosl.

The 21st CCLC program provides the academic enrichment opportunities to help students in underperforming schools meet state and local performance standards. The program also offers a variety of services to students and their families, including lessons, counseling, art, music and recreation classes, technology education and character education. CYC’s staff knows that strong after-school programs are key to helping children engage in learning beyond the school day and that the addition of positive out-of-school-time experiences such as those found in 21st CCLC can help to increase academic confidence and success.

Chicago Youth Centers intends to apply for 21st Century Community Learning Center funding through the Illinois State Board of Education in partnership with the following Chicago Public Schools:

Richard J Daley
5024 S. Wolcott, Chicago 60609

West Park Academy
1425 N. Tripp, Chicago 60651

Percy L Julian HS
10330 S. Elizabeth, Chicago 60643

Harvard School of Excellence
7525 S. Harvard, Chicago 60620

Sherman School of Excellence
1000 W. 52nd, Chicago 60609

The 21st CCLC Program funding will bring after school programs and resources to each school to help improve students’ academic achievement, and to assist the school in making adequate yearly progress in accordance with Every Student Succeeds Act requirements.

21st Century Partner Sites:

Deneen School of Excellence
7257 S. State, 60619

Young Women's Leadership Charter School
2641 S. Calumet, 60616

Frank E Reilly School
3650 W. School, 60618

Kozminski Community Academy
936 E. 54th Street, 60615


Latasha Battie
Program Director, Community Schools