At CYC, college and career readiness begins at an early age. CYC's pre-school youth explore jobs and industries through stories and play. As youth enter elementary school and high school, CYC staff help connect youth's interests and dreams to possible career paths.


Many CYC students are first-generation college students, and CYC staff help guide them and their parents with:

  • Test preparation
  • Understanding the high school courses that will best prepare them for the colleges of their choice
  • Comparing financial aid packages and college fit
  • Writing effective and compelling college application essays
  • Sending students to college with the right supplies, expectations, and support systems in place 

Staff takes students to campus visits and tours and organizes events for current high school students and college students to network and share experiences. When possible, CYC connects entering college students to other CYC alumni at their school to serve as mentors.

CYC also keeps in touch with college students, providing virtual guidance and support to help them persist and graduate.

By the time CYC children turn 18, we want them to have a strong sense of direction and the ability to choose a path out of poverty. Whether their choice is college, a trade, or vocational training, we want them to see and pursue a successful life for themselves and for their families.

— Dixie Adams, General Manager-Industrial Sector, IBM, and CYC Immediate Past Board Chair

College & Career Readiness Impact Stories